Stay Awake Software for Windows Computers

The Stay Awake Software Utility presented here is a small utility which can be used to keep a Windows Computer Active without any manual Keyboard or Mouse Input. This Stay Awake Utility can be configured to Auto Start with Windows for Signed on User or for All Users. Stay Awake keeps a Windows Computer Active by simulating 1 Pixel Mouse Movement whenever the Computer is Left Inactive for more than 30 Seconds.

Stay Awake Utility to Keep Windows 10

Features of the Stay Awake Utility

Given below are few of the features or uses of the Stay Awake Software Utility. This Utility can be used on any latest Windows Operating Systems like Windows 10, Windows 8.1, etc.

Pre-configured Stay Awake Durations from System Tray Menu of Stay Awake Software Utility

Please do write to for any feature request, any bug found, question related to sales, service, etc. Visit for more software downloads for Windows. All the software utilities have been built for 32 bit version of Windows and work fine on 64 bit version of Windows as well.